Daryl Dixon Fan Art

Fan Art of Daryl Dixon.


Theo586 Emote design.

Emotes made for my twitch.tv/theo586 channel.

Splatoon2 Layout

This is my first layout that I have made for Splatoon 2.


YouTube New Logo.

Youtube’s old logo.



It’s amazing how a big company like youtube logo can change and I didn’t honestly even noticed at first.


Here is the new logo to date.

They kept the same font, changed the red behind “Tube” and made it over to the left of “YouTube” and added a play button over it. Now personally I like the old logo, maybe it’s because I am used to it more? People are saying that YouTube is not what it used to be with people

People are saying that YouTube is not what it used to be with people losing in revenue, and just not able to make that money from it as they did before, but I don’t think that should stop people from still creating amazing content on youtube. I try it myself from time to time. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject and what you think of the new vs. old logo.


How to stay motivated as a creative person.

Honestly, this may be one of the toughest things to do as a designer or developer. I will put down what I do to stay motivated to keep on creating.

As a designer, I try to find websites to keep on creating new things. Such as https://www.threadless.com/, and https://99designs.com/. It helps me keep my skills updated, also try to stream on twitch.tv and make art for people who watch.

A good strong community can help you along your journey, competitions keep you a stronger designer. Don’t be afraid to fail, I have failed many times and will keep on failing. What makes you a great designer is to keep on pushing and you will find success.

Don’t be afraid to try different styles, you never know what your good at until you try.