How Mario has changed.

Can you believe it? Mario has been around since I want to say 1981 with the release of DonkeyKong.


I remember playing that game in arcade rooms before I owned any console. Of course, I wasn’t born till 1986. One of the earlier games before this was “Jump Man”.

Mario is a big influence in my life and many others, but for me, Mario is one of the reasons why I love video games today and even drawing and art. I remember drawing Mario many times when I was younger.

In 1983 there were Mario bros,

I was pretty young when this game was out so I didn’t get much out of it but today I love going back in time to play some retro games. 🙂

A little while later in 1985 came in Super Mario Brothers.


I was able to play this game on the Wii U, and I see streamers on play it all the time. Still is an amazingly fun game today in 2017.

In the year if 1988 Super Mario 3 came out.

I remember really liking this game, being able to fly, go behind walls blew my mind.  Was a really fun experience.

Let’s skip ahead we know in 1990 Super Mario World came out, 1995 Super Mario 64 got released which by the way is still an awesome game!

But today in 2017 we are looking forward to Mario odyssey

Look how Mario himself changed!

He has new abilities, a lot more he can do with his hat. Yes, I said his hat 🙂 This will become available for the Nintendo switch, I cannot wait to play this game. But again it amazes me that the old games of Mario like Mario 64 or Mario bros are still just as fun to play. It shows your how much he has evolved but still remains as some really good classic games back in the day.

Are you looking forward to Mario odyssey as much as I am?