Helpful resources for designers and developers.

Hello, I want to make a list of helpful resources, that designers and developers could use. Feel free to comment down below if you have any links that I did not post that you may think could be helpful to others.


More for Designers: – This is a competition website, to go up against other designers. I have started using it and really enjoy it. (Has a big community) – Is a website to post designs for others to see and comment on. (Has a big community) – Is a website you can watch streamers, and stream yourself. Anything from video games to being creative. (Has a big community) – Is another competition website, but has an amazing and super helpful community.
More for Developers: – Best way to keep track of your code, a lot of companies use this. – You can easily use this to save your HTML, CSS and JS code. – Helps you learn more about programming with really tough problems to solve. – A fantastic website geared to helping people learn to code, with a fun game you will forget you are learning! – I haven’t tried this much, but looks like a cute and fun way to learn to program. – A really good website to learn to program, they seriously have good courses. Some are free some are not.