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Meet Next Level Taekwondo, the app that makes home workouts a breeze with no special equipment needed. We have lots of videos led by Taekwondo experts for you to watch and follow.

You can personalize your workout by creating a video track that matches your fitness goals, whether it's perfecting punches and kicks, doing plank exercises, or working on specific muscles.

If you're serious about getting fit, this app is for you!


  • Product Designer

  • User Research

  • Prototyping and Testing

Duration: 8 Weeks


Figma, Affinity Designer

  • Next Level Taekwondo is a responsive app, meant to help connect people who like fitness and Taekwondo to each other.

  • Who was the target audience? - All ages anyone who is interested in drawing.



While there are various forms of martial arts and home workouts available, not everyone can sustain the motivation, energy, and time required to stay dedicated to a training program. Many potential users seek a convenient, motivating solution that encourages them to persist with their workouts and training.


Our answer is to design and develop a responsive app that offers users easy access to motivation and a collection of home workout routines they can follow. This app aims to provide the support and encouragement users need to stay consistent and committed to their fitness journey, all from the comfort of their homes.


Passionate about Taekwondo and fitness traditions, I'm developing a modern video app for home workouts. This app blends time-tested training with technology, providing an accessible and engaging fitness experience. Serving as a virtual coach and community, it inspires and empowers users on their journey to a healthier, more skilled life.

Research Goals

We're exploring the factors that sustain motivation in learning new skills or hobbies, with a focus on the role of a supportive community. Additionally, we seek to understand common challenges leading to loss of interest. Our goal is to gather insights for creating a more engaging and effective learning experience.

Topic: Learning a new skill/hobby
Focus: Martial Arts - Taekwondo

Learning a new skill is exciting, but losing motivation without a supportive community can be frustrating. Our survey revealed a demand for a video platform with gamification to keep users engaged and eager to expand their knowledge.

User Interviews
What would the user want and need.

User Goals

To Stay fit
To Stay healthy
To Have fun

User Needs

To learn Taekwondo and help with other sports
To have a good community to learn with
To be able to learn anywhere just need internet connection

I interviewed five individuals to gather insights on their needs and preferences for a Taekwondo workout app. The feedback obtained offers a comprehensive understanding of potential user requirements. Key points include:

Insights from the Interviews:

  1. Varied Skill Levels: The interviewees exhibited a range of skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, highlighting the need for content suitable for different proficiency levels.

  2. Motivation and Consistency: Motivation and the ability to stay consistent with workouts were common concerns, underscoring the importance of features that keep users engaged.

  3. Home Workouts: Several participants emphasized the desire for home workout options, emphasizing convenience and the absence of the need for specialized equipment.

  4. Community and Support: Users expressed a need for a supportive community aspect within the app to encourage their progress and connect with fellow practitioners.

  5. Customization: Personalization and the ability to tailor workouts to individual goals were recurring themes, reflecting the desire for flexibility.

These insights from the interviews have been instrumental in shaping the development of the Taekwondo workout app, ensuring it aligns with user expectations and addresses their specific needs.

Taekwondo Case Study

Meet Tim

This persona lacks sufficient time for workouts, and we aim to provide them with the flexibility to find suitable times for exercise.

- Time Constraints:

  • The persona faces challenges due to time limitations, making it difficult to engage in regular workouts.

  • Struggling to find appropriate time slots for exercising due to a busy schedule.

- Flexibility in Exercise Timing:

  • Our goal is to offer solutions that cater to varying schedules and lifestyles.

  • Aim to provide adaptable workout options to suit their available time slots and convenience.

Taekwondo Case Study
Secondary Research
Let's share ideas & discuss ways to collaborate!

What do I already know?

  • People are interested in learning Martial Arts, including Taekwondo, as a means to maintain their fitness and overall health.

  • Numerous Taekwondo websites are available on the internet, but not all of them provide remote learning options.

Who is the audience?

  • My target audience includes anyone looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle, with a specific focus on the age range of 19 to 35. While individuals of any age are welcome, this demographic forms the primary audience we aim to reach.

What do I not know, but should?

  • Are there any sign-up or account creation offers or promotions provided by my competitors?

  • What's their approach to generating revenue while ensuring affordability for users?

What does success look like?

  • Have a good revenue

  • Change users lives for a more healthy lifestyle

  • Keep users engaged

I aim to encourage users to return frequently, engaging with daily video content to continuously acquire new skills while maintaining a strong foundational knowledge.

Let's share ideas & discuss ways to collaborate!


Challenge 1: HMW help users find time for workouts during the day?

Solution: Offer a library of 2 to 10-minute follow-along workout videos, making it easy to squeeze in a quick session, no matter how busy the day.

Challenge 2: HMW keep users motivated to work out regularly?

Solution: Implement gamification elements to keep users engaged and motivated. They can unlock new workout videos and achieve milestones, turning fitness into a fun and rewarding experience.

Challenge 3: HMW make users who can't access a Dojang feel included and practice daily?

Solution: Provide online practice opportunities through engaging videos and create a supportive community to encourage and motivate users, regardless of their proximity to a physical Dojang.

POV Statement

  1. As someone with a busy schedule, I struggle to find enough time in the day to fit in a workout.

  2. Maintaining motivation for regular exercise is a challenge for me.

  3. Living far from a Dojang makes it difficult for me to access regular training and practice.

Competitive Analysis:

In the realm of online Taekwondo training, several platforms aim to deliver comprehensive learning experiences to practitioners. To gain insights into the competitive landscape, we've evaluated three prominent Taekwondo websites that offer online training:


  • Extensive video library with diverse training materials.

  • User-friendly interface suitable for all skill levels.

  • Structured training programs for progressive learning.

  • Active user forums for community support and interaction.

  • Broad range of techniques covered, from basics to advanced skills.


  • Led by experienced Taekwondo masters, ensuring top-tier instruction.

  • Emphasis on traditional patterns, sparring, and self-defense techniques.

  • Personalized training plans and progress tracking for users.

  • Regular live Q&A sessions and direct access to instructors.

  • Opportunities for deeper engagement with instructors.


  • Official recognition by World Taekwondo, the sport's global governing body.

  • A focus on providing official patterns, rules, and regulations.

  • Courses and training materials endorsed by world-class Taekwondo experts.

  • Strong emphasis on authentic and recognized Taekwondo content.

Each of these websites brings its unique strengths to the online Taekwondo training arena, catering to a wide range of enthusiasts. Whether you're a beginner looking to grasp the fundamentals or an advanced practitioner seeking in-depth expertise, these platforms offer valuable resources for your Taekwondo journey

Taekwondo Case Study
Let's share ideas & discuss ways to collaborate!

How will Tim navigate and find our website?

This storyboard is crucial for gaining insights into the user's journey on our website. It outlines the initial path to our platform and explores elements motivating return visits. Analyzing this storyboard provides a comprehensive understanding of user motivations, needs, and preferences, guiding our strategy to create an engaging, user-centric online environment for effective attraction and retention.

Taekwondo Case Study
Let's share ideas & discuss ways to collaborate!

Must do and should do

We needed to figure out what was most important to include in the app and what we could set aside for later.

Must Do:

  • Identify and prioritize core features crucial for the app's functionality.

  • Allocate resources and efforts to high-priority items that directly impact user experience and app functionality.

  • Ensure that essential elements, like user registration and video content, are flawlessly executed.

  • Develop a robust and user-friendly interface to guarantee smooth navigation.

Should Do:

  • Consider additional features and enhancements that can enhance the user experience but are not mission-critical.

  • Explore opportunities for user engagement and gamification, which could be integrated at a later stage.

  • Keep an eye on industry trends and user feedback for future feature expansions.

  • Focus on scalability and potential long-term improvements while addressing high-priority tasks.

Taekwondo Case Study

Business goals and user goals

In targeting my audience, I recognized the importance of aligning business goals with user goals for an effective digital experience. To cater to diverse needs, a strategic approach was crucial. Understanding user motivations, desires, and pain points became integral to ensure the platform exceeded expectations. This involved focusing on several critical points:

Effective Communication: We needed to clearly explain the value of our product to users. This involved refining our messages to match both business goals and user needs.

Feedback and Improvement: We regularly gathered user feedback and made changes based on their preferences, ensuring the end product met both business and user goals.

Testing with Users: We conducted tests with users at various development stages to make sure our product not only met business objectives but also connected with our target audience.

Taekwondo Case Study
Let's share ideas & discuss ways to collaborate!

Mood Board

We gather images that represent what the project is about along with the core values.

Taekwondo Case Study

Logo Ideas

With the logo, we had many different ideas and would gather them together to see which idea fits best with the final product.

Taekwondo Case Study


We began by creating a detailed sitemap to plan our website layout. This helped us focus on the user's needs, making the app intuitive and user-friendly. Our main goal was to make it easy for users to discover and follow workout videos, emphasizing user-friendliness and content accessibility to enhance their fitness journey.

Taekwondo Case Study

Task flow

This explains the process that users would go through to create an account, find workout videos to participate in, and adjust their fitness goals and challenges.

Taekwondo Case Study

Lo-Fi Wireframe

It's crucial to begin with a basic sketch of the app's potential appearance and make improvements as we continue designing.

Mid-Fi Wireframe

After going from the lo-fi wireframe, we get more of a sense of how the app will look like.

UI Components

In the design phase, we gathered a set of UI components that work well together. These components were chosen for how they look and how they function in the app. We used these components to build the app's interface, focusing on both its appearance and how easy it is for users. This approach aimed to create a design that looks great and is easy to use, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience for all users.

Taekwondo Case Study
Let's share ideas & discuss ways to collaborate!
Taekwondo Case Study

Revision and feedback

I received valuable feedback from my fellow designers on how to enhance the app's design. They provided comments directly in my Figma file, helping to refine the final design.

The feedback primarily focused on areas for improvement:

  1. Making CTAs (Call to Actions) more prominent to streamline the user account creation process.

  2. Adding a button on the homepage's video section for easier access to content.

  3. Suggesting the removal of payment methods from the footer and proposing the creation of a dedicated user subscription page.

These revisions aim to enhance the user experience and functionality of the app.

Taekwondo Case Study

What have you learned from this project?

Throughout this project, I've gained valuable insights into the world of app development and user experience design. I've discovered that it's crucial to be honest with myself and aware of the challenges and opportunities that come with creating a digital product.

What Were Your Biggest Fears, Problems, Struggles? How Did You Overcome Them?

One of my primary concerns was ensuring that the app met the needs of potential users and provided genuine value. To overcome this, I conducted thorough research and gathered feedback to refine the design and features. Additionally, I was initially worried about technical challenges, but by seeking guidance from my mentor and staying committed to learning, I managed to address these concerns.

Overall, I Am Happy with the Final Results of the Next Level Taekwondo App.

The app has evolved to a point where potential users can easily navigate through it, motivating them to use it for home workouts. It's immensely satisfying to see the project come together and align with its intended purpose.

Next Steps Would Be to Hand This Project Off to a Developer and Prepare for Launch.

With the design and concept in place, the next logical step is to collaborate with a developer who can bring the app to life. This will involve translating the design into functional code and ensuring a seamless user experience. Once the development phase is complete, the app will be ready for launch, marking an exciting milestone in this journey.

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